LG World’s Slimmest TV Viral Video

This has been making its rounds via social networking sites… The video is purportedly security camera footage taken from a consumer electronics store. In the footage, we see one particular individual behaving oddly, fully facing the camera at all times.

It is only when the individual exits the building do we realize the “punchline” of the video – with the brand and advertising message sitting quietly in full view of the viewer.

What’s pretty amazing is the concept and execution of the video – it certainly had a lot of people fooled into thinking that this was actual security camera footage and not a commercial of any sort. Not only that, the way it was uploaded to YouTube – from the title of the video (text in low caps – “smart thief caught on cam”) to the description of the video (“Take a look what this guy did in broad daylight!”)… everything was done to make it look as authentic as possible without a hint of marketing messaging. Even the brand placement and advertising message was something a lot of people missed… which, to me, makes this even more powerful.

Sometimes, less is more… and “quiet” can be pretty “loud”. If you check out the video on YouTube, it has already garnered more than 2.4 million views since it was posted (under what appears to be a pseudonymous account) on 28 Dec 2011 (as of this posting today – less than a month since the original posting date).

5 Tools That Measure Your Online Brand

You should know that brand management – whether personal or as an organization – now encompasses your presence online. So, here are five tools for you to measure your online brand via The Ladders.

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5+1 Social Media Marketing Myths

In investigating and dealing with those who have been interested to jump on to the Social Media bandwagon, it’s interesting to come across an article that serves as a good Devil’s Advocate to all the hype. I’ve come across various iterations of the following myths. So, it was nice to discover the following Businessweek article which helped dispel some of these:  Beware Social Media Marketing Myths. Here are the five myths (plus 1 bonus one!) for your consideration:

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