5 Tips To Better Online Ad Banners

An article on AdAge points to the fact that creatives play a major part in the effectiveness of online advertising. To that end, the article could be written off as a “Captain of the Blindingly Obvious” insight, if not for the fact that a “shockingly large percentage of creative that falls short of its potential” is being churned out on a regular basis… something that would be immediately clear after browsing the web for a short while.

So, what makes a great online ad banner?

Here are five tips to start with:

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How To Make Sponsored Tweets Work

Via PBS‘(!) MediaShift8 Tips to Make Sponsored Tweets Work.

Great article on how to engage in advertising via Twitter. Even includes a guide to a few Twitter Advertising Startups for reference, followed by 8 tips on how to make sponsored tweets work. I have my questions – but I’ll post a reaction once I’ve figured things out a little better. Meanwhile, enjoy the tips – caveat emptor.

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Top 5 Twitter Trends To Track

Via MashableTop 5 Twitter Trends to Watch Right Now:

1. Big Bloggers Tweeting More, Blogging Less – More and more bloggers are tweeting instead of blogging.

Looking at the bigger picture, the trend is an important one to watch now that prolific bloggers with large audiences have been able to port those same audiences, attract new followers, and expand their reach on Twitter. Given the financial opportunities made available through Twitter ad platforms like IZEA’s Sponsored Tweets, bloggers, like Pirillo, can still profit in shorter form. This means we could see a shift in preferred mediums, with brevity potentially being more rewarding.

2. The Evolution of Twitter as a Platform – Twitter is moving away from just the personal, “we chatter,” and becoming heavily used by brands.

[Guy] Kawasaki says, “When the internet was young it was primarily personal websites, but it since became commercial, but not in a bad way. It became a platform. Twitter is emulating the internet, and isn’t just turning into a marketing platform, but simply becoming a platform used for multiple things.”

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7+1 Free Or Cheap Effective Ways To Promote Your Brand Online

This is a really great resource by Dumb Little Man: 7 Free or Cheap Ways to Effectively Promote Your Business Online. I especially enjoy the fact that it provides brand and business owners tips on “where to start” as well as links to helpful resources. I’ll certainly be coming back to this resource again and again!

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