The Ultimate Guide To Business Cards – Print & Design (Infographic)

Here’s a really cool infographic by developed with the main intention to address the common disconnects in branding projects between less technical small business owners and the graphic designers that they hire.

This really helpful guide is meant to walk business owners through the points in the creative process where they are likely to struggle the most.

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10 Great Print Ad Ideas (via JustPasteIt)

Ahhh… print ads – they almost seem ancient and archaic in the light of rich media and social media advertising these days. Yet, I continue to enjoy its powerful simplicity – the creative combination of a single, static image with one clear message can make such an impact that it, sometimes literally, changes lives (think of those CSR-type ads…).

I saw this collection of Print Ad ideas via JustPasteIt and thought I’d share with you 10 of my favourite examples here.

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