What Is The Hub Of Social Media Marketing? (Seth Godin’s Answer)

I was reading this free e-book, Why Your Blog Is Your Social Media Hub, by Debbie Weil, the author of The Corporate Blogging Book. The e-book contains the responses of 32 experts to the question of whether one’s blog was truly the hub of one’s social media initiatives.

Out of the many the many answers that I read (which included everything from “yes”, to “no”, and everything else in the middle), my favourite was by my all-time marketing guru hero, Seth Godin, who said:

The hub of social media marketing is products and services worth talking about.

Yes, yes, and amen!

Have Facebook And Twitter Stopped Growing?

Here’s a very interesting piece of news via MashableSTATS: Facebook and Twitter’s Growth Flattens.

I was thinking about the implications of what this meant and, truth be told, I came up with nothing. To me, it was yet another method, another medium, another tool reaching saturation point. And so, the market will move on to the next new thing – as it always has and always will.

Where does that leave brands and marketers?

Well, with the classics: Product, Price, Placement, Promotion.

Start with a great product – your Purple Cow, Social Object/Blue Monster/Cube Grenade

Give it to your customers/consumers/audiences at a price where they find “value” – whether that means free, cheap or premium

Place it somewhere that’s conveniently accessible – even if that means the good ol’ brick-and-mortar storefront!

And, finally, promote it by having a great way to share its story with others.

That’s marketing – regardless of whatever “next big thing” we’re looking at.

How to De-Commoditise Your Product

I really like what Ed Byrne has to say about this:

This is how to de-commoditise your product! This is how to move your business UP the value chain and stop having to compete on price in an un-differentiated market!


If you want to avoid competing on price, and becoming a commodity, then you need to get customers that will buy your product for reasons other than price. How do you do that? Provide more than everyone else, be different and better. This doesn’t mean you line your products with gold – it just means the experience of dealing with your company is better than dealing with anyone else – and that in the long-term consumers know that buying from you, and sticking with your products, will ultimately be a better purchase and provide higher value than anyone else.

Read the rest of his post here.