Have a good bunch of runs before the sun sets – Seth Godin (quote)

Here’s a great one to kick off the week by my hero, Seth Godin:

“Life is like skiing.  Just like skiing, the goal is not to get to the bottom of the hill. It’s to have a bunch of good runs before the sun sets.” – Seth Godin

Have a good week everyone – hope you manage to get a bunch of good runs in this week alone!


The Trifecta Of Competition (Seth Godin)

Here I go again being wow-ed by the wisdom of Seth Godin, who describes the trifecta of competition:Faster, Better and More.

Faster than the other guy. Faster to the market, faster to respond, faster to get the user up to speed.

Better than the other guy. Better productivity, better story, better impact.

and More. More for your money. More choices. More care. More guts.

How can you and I be faster, better and more than the competition?


What Is The Hub Of Social Media Marketing? (Seth Godin’s Answer)

I was reading this free e-book, Why Your Blog Is Your Social Media Hub, by Debbie Weil, the author of The Corporate Blogging Book. The e-book contains the responses of 32 experts to the question of whether one’s blog was truly the hub of one’s social media initiatives.

Out of the many the many answers that I read (which included everything from “yes”, to “no”, and everything else in the middle), my favourite was by my all-time marketing guru hero, Seth Godin, who said:

The hub of social media marketing is products and services worth talking about.

Yes, yes, and amen!

Seth Godin on “Loyalty”

Seth Godin is my absolute guru on marketing ideas! I really like how he puts things together… his recent post on what “loyalty” means is brilliant! It’s so chock-full of brilliance, that – with all due respect to Seth – I have to reproduce it here in full:

Loyalty is what we call it when someone refuses a momentarily better option.

If your offering is always better, you don’t have loyal customers, you have smart ones. Don’t brag about how loyal your customers are when you’re the cheapest or you have clearly dominated some key element of what the market demands. That’s not loyalty. That’s something else.

Loyal customers understand that there’s almost always something better out there, but they’re not so interested in looking.

Loyalty can be rewarded, but loyalty usually comes from within, from a story we like to tell ourselves. We’re loyal to sports teams and products (and yes, to people) because being loyal makes us happy. Why else be a fan of the Cubs? Some customers like being loyal. Those are good customers to have.

Loyalty isn’t forever. Sometimes, the world changes significantly and even though the loyal partner/customer likes that label, it gets so difficult to stick that he switches.

I think there’s no doubt that some brands and teams and politicians and yes, people, attract a greater percentage of loyal fans than others. Not because they’re bigger or better, but because they reinforce the good feeling some people get when they’re being loyal. Hint: low price or supermodel good looks are not the tools of choice for attracting people who enjoy being loyal.

Rewarding loyalty for loyalty’s sake–not by paying people for sticking it out so the offering ends up being more attractive–is not an obvious path, but it’s a worthwhile one. Tell a story that appeals to loyalists. Treat different customers differently, and reserve your highest level of respect for those that stand by you.

Lessons Learned From Seth Godin!

I am, unabashedly, a Seth Godin groupie (well, not in the literal definition of the term… but definitely a huge, huge fan). So finding this treasure trove of Seth Godin lessons compiled neatly into a single blog post is probably as close as it gets to finding the Dead Sea Scrolls for me.

Great comprehensive post – starting with 25 lessons, then quotes, and finally resources to look through.

Full article here.