5 Steps To Manage Your Brand Online

I think it should go without saying that you need to manage your brand online these days, whether you’re doing it for yourself or your brand. You should realize that, these days, customers, professors, potential employers – all of them turn to Google, Facebook and other online avenues to find out more about you before they even encounter you.

So what can you do to manage your brand online? Here are 5 steps, which I’ve reworded and summarized for my own application from this great article:

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How To Customise Your Twitter Background

Found this over at the American Express OPEN Forum – “How To Customise Your Twitter Background“. Great “how to” for those who believe that customizing your Twitter page’s background is a key move for overall branding (whether personal or corporate branding).

I subscribe to that… but reading through commenter ileaneb’s blog, here’s another point to ponder: It’s possible to put too much effort into customizing your Twitter background… why? Because, seriously, how many people check out Tweets via your Twitter page? Most of us (myself included) use all sorts of Tweet aggregators and Twools to follow Tweets – never once bothering to venture into one’s Tweet page.

So, my conclusion is this: Do spend some time customizing your Twitter page’s background, but don’t put up too much hope that it will become a serious lead generator or such.

How to customize:

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