The Anatomy Of A Brilliant Idea Going Viral

Currently trending on Mashable is an interview article on How Coca-Cola Created Its “Happiness Machine” where Global Senior Brand Manager for Coca-Cola, AJ Brustein, Definition 6 Director of Interactive Strategy, Paul McClay and Definition 6 Creative Director Paul Iannacchino talk through the making of Coke’s “Happiness Machine.”

It offers great insights into the anatomy of how a brilliant idea can go viral. I especially enjoyed the various practical tips interspersed throughout the article:

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The Potential of Geo-location Marketing

I’ve been meaning to post some thoughts about the subject of Geo-location Marketing since reading more about it in this article, “Linking Social Networking With Customer Loyalty” by the New York Times. The article talks about how companies are slowly starting to integrate the “next thing” in social media – location-based social media applications with customer retention and marketing initiatives.

I think it’s a fascinating discussion that’s going on now – from the potential of geo-location marketing (messaging that is targeted down to exactly where you are at the moment; a call-to-action that allows for an immediate response) to the larger socio-cultural impact that it brings (i.e. the new definitions of “privacy”).

To me, I think there is no doubt about the efficacy of highly targeted advertising. Think of how supermarkets used to feature shelf-talkers or wobblers to provide an instantaneous proposition to the person viewing the offer there and then. Of course, with the advent of technology, this has evolved along the lines to rich media-type channels – such as in-store channels and more sophisticated forms of point-of-sale collateral.

The twist that geo-location marketing via location-based social media applications is the social media impact – in that it is easily shared throughout the person’s network making each target a potential vector as well. This means, the offer that you receive can also be shared and highlighted to your 400 friends or followers… effectively without cost to the advertiser.

Of course, the larger discussion also touches on the changing nature of “privacy”. Where once, no one in their right mind would ever want to alert the world to their every location, today’s social-media generation seems to think it normal. I’m not yet sure, however, what this means for the larger social-cultural context.

Well, these are just my initial thoughts to the subject. I’ll be thinking more about this – but, would love to have a chat with you in the comment section.

Discovering CopyBlogger

I just discovered (I know, I’m slow) CopyBlogger.

I really haven’t had the luxury of delving further into his work yet, but here are the few I’ve started with. More thoughts as I plow through…