I always enjoy working closely with excellent communications professionals like Leigh. At Netflix, we learned from each other as we worked to ensure the brand was well-perceived and understood by members as well as key stakeholders like journalists, policymakers, opinion leaders and more. Leigh is a hard worker, inspiring, and fun to work with. We would try to challenge the status quo and attempt new approaches to address the opportunities and threats in our fast-moving, ever-changing industry. I have faith in his capabilities and truly believe he will be an outstanding leader anywhere. I hope to be fortunate enough to work with him again in the near future.

Takashi Michael Matsuo – Director, Communications at Netflix

Working closely with Leigh has been one of the highlights of my career with Uber. Amidst continuous reputational and leadership challenges in 2017, we stood strong together to ensure the right kind of messaging is delivered to policymakers, regulators and the general public. Leigh is a communications expert who is continuously optimistic, extremely efficient with his time and always offering new ideas to solve various problems. Leigh would be a fantastic addition to any team, any time.

Shahrul Azhar Shaari – Head of Government Relations & Public Policy, Malaysia at Uber

Working with Leigh has been an exceptionally rewarding experience over the past 2 years — he embraces difficult, ambiguous situations with positivity, pragmatism, and sound commercial judgement. There have been countless instances where I have been impressed with Leigh’s ability to quickly provide high quality, thoughtful communications / PR advice in a wide array of circumstances. He is a strong collaborator (internally and externally), manager, and leader, and was the catalyst behind Uber’s vastly improving its brand and story in South-East Asia over recent years.

Jonathan Wong – Head of Ridesharing (Singapore & Malaysia), Uber

I have had the real privilege of working with a great communication specialist like Leigh. He is an empathetic and caring manager and colleague with a big heart, who works sincerely with the person to solve the problems together. Even at difficult situations, with his steady leadership, Leigh handles matters calmly choosing the most strategic and meaningful paths possible. I really enjoyed working with him and still value his ideas and suggestions.

Kay Hattori – Senior Manager, Global Communication & PR – Japan, HK & Taiwan at Booking.com

I had the pleasure of working alongside Leigh at Uber’s Singapore office, where I was spending a year abroad on rotation for the company. I was consistently impressed by his professionalism. Leigh’s clear and polished communication style undoubtedly comes from many years of experience making complex and technical topics easy to understand. As a data scientist, I appreciated Leigh’s willingness to listen and learn about what I was working on and think creatively about ways to apply it in his own communications work.

Amy Smith – Data Scientist, Policy Research at Uber

I can’t speak highly enough about Leigh. His worth ethic, his integrity and his vast capabilities are what make him a quality leader and teammate. I have truly enjoyed working together.

Tricia Frank – Head of Government Relations & Public Policy, Singapore

Leigh is a seasoned communications practitioner with an open, direct style of leadership and a bias for action. He is able to assess difficult issues with a multi-disciplinary perspective – and shows great judgement, speed & decisiveness in driving towards meaningful solutions for a way forward. Leigh has a collaborative working style, believes in the power of ideas over hierarchy and is extremely strong at building authentic, meaningful relationships with internal and external stakeholders. I have enjoyed working with him – and continue to value his insights, perspectives and counsel as a business partner.

Suyash Sarwate – Head of Regional Operations: Trust & Safety

Leigh is a strong corporate communications professional with high quality strategic writing and business planning experience. He works side by side with senior executives to people at all levels of the organisation and he is well liked by the team! I very much enjoy working with Leigh and value his opinion.

Christina Garcia – Head of Internal Communications Asia-Pacific, Uber

Leigh is a great communications and public relations expert to work with. I have worked with him on a number of delicate and high profile matters. He competently represents the interests of his business unit, but at the same time, is receptive to and takes on board legal concerns, ensuring a balanced approach is achieved. I would work with him any day!

Hideo Nakamura – Senior Counsel, APAC & EMEA, Uber 

Leigh is a hardworking, strategic communications lead in a region that is extraordinarily broad and complex. I’ve found him to be an effective communicator with press, government, and advocacy groups alike. And he’s got a great sense of humor to boot!

Jena Wu – Public Policy, Global Safety and Consumer Protection, Uber