Gabey Goh – Editor at Digital News Asia

I first met Leigh when he introduced himself as the Communications Lead for Microsoft Malaysia. He was new to the role and filling in the shoes of a well known industry personality that used to lead the team.

What amused and impressed me throughout our encounters was how, even though he was new to the technology industry, he was able to quickly adapt and prove himself as a strong marketing communicator as well as an advocate for his company.

I certainly appreciated his candour, especially when dealing with tricky and potentially controversial questions and requests from members of the Press.

With his friendly and outgoing demeanour, Leigh is also known to go above and beyond the call of duty to help others even in a personal capacity and I am happy to count him as a friend.

He brings to the table a unique blend of insight, creativity and expertise in the realm of marketing and strategic communications; and I have little doubt that any organisation who manages to tempt him on board would soon find him a valuable and key member of the team.