Hello – my name is Leigh. For about 20 years, I have built a track record for impact-driven strategic marketing communications leadership. I am passionate about “Building Influential Brands To Influence The World”.

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About Me

Hi, my name is Wong Giok Leigh (王学礼) and I have built a track record of over 18 years as an award-winning marketing and communications leader. I am passionate about “Building Influential Brands To Influence The World“.

This passion began early in college when I discovered the classical study of rhetoric. Since then, the study of how effective communications (whether a word, picture, idea or action) could persuade an audience (whether individuals, groups or even nations) towards a particular response continues to fascinate me to this day. This has developed into a lifelong pursuit to study what I call, “the art and science of Influence” (in all its fair and foul forms!).

I am currently the Head of Communications for Southeast Asia at Netflix. I am part of a team that helps formulate, execute and sustain a global communications strategy for Netflix in the Asia region.

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Four Oh.

As I approached the big four-oh, I spent some time reflecting how to mark this milestone birthday. I decided, on a whim, to write down forty things that came to mind in a stream-of-consciousness exercise when I looked back on four decades of life. These are, in no particular order, personal truths as well as collected … Continue reading Four Oh.

Rumah Netflix – Now Streaming in Jakarta

I was really proud of the team for successfully carrying out our Rumah Netflix (or, Netflix House, in Bahasa Indonesia) in Jakarta yesterday! The experiential event was designed to build brand and product awareness among local media, policy stakeholders, telco and content partners, as well as social media influencers. It was a showcase of our … Continue reading Rumah Netflix – Now Streaming in Jakarta

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I’ve been fortunate to have worked with amazing people. Some of them have very kind things to say about me.


In PR, clients come and go but only a few will stay in your mind as clients who make a difference and Leigh is one of them. Leigh understands various aspects of marketing and communications, and respects what each partner brings to the table. He is methodical in planning and visionary in strategising, but more importantly, Leigh is able to articulate the objectives he hopes to achieve, which makes it easier for us, as PR consultants, to translate them into results. Leigh challenges his partners constantly but he will always stand by them, which to me, means more than the $$ from the client.

Janitha Sukumaran – Founder & Consulting Director at Rantau PR

I met Leigh when he was tasked to lead the Branding & Communications team of EON Bank-Hong Leong Bank merger taskforce. During the integration period, Leigh ably led his team to successfully manage and deliver key integration milestones that required intensive communication activities (involving advertising, media relations, below-the-line branch & customer communications, as well as internal/staff communications) in less than 100 days, culminating in a very successful “Customer Day One” milestone event. Looking back at his track record, I couldn’t be happier to recommend him and wish him well for all his future plans!

Chuah Sze Phing – Director, Group Marketing and Communications at K &N Kenanga Holdings Berhad

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