Giok Leigh is one of my PR pro role model. Even from when we first got to know each other professionally, I quickly realized that Leigh is a shining star in the Microsoft Asia PR community. His strategic thinking and ability to turn even the most complicated messages into compelling stories stands out the most.

Leigh’s communications skills and committed passion to Microsoft is proven through his achievement in garnering multiple PR awards, both internally and externally. He’s not only expert in Corporate Communications but also brings the creative juices flowing through his Marketing Communications which he gained through his past marketing & branding background.

If you’re looking for a great communicator who can “walk the talk”, I would highly recommend Leigh.

Sharon Issabella – Public Relations Lead at Microsoft Indonesia

Leigh is an experienced PR practitioner. He has an intrinsic understanding of the value of proactive communications and the importance of targeting messages when engaging different stakeholders.

Mavis Kuek – Senior External Relations Advisor, Group Issues Management, Shell