Hello – my name is Leigh. For over 20 years, I have built a track record for impact-driven strategic marketing communications leadership with a passion for “Building Influential Brands To Influence The World”.

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About Me

Hi, I’m Leigh! I have built a track record with over 20 years as an impact-focused global Communications and Public Affairs leader with a passion for building influential brands that influence the world.

This passion began early in college when I discovered the classical study of rhetoric. Since then, the study of how effective communications (whether a word, picture, idea or action) can persuade an audience (whether individuals, groups or even nations) towards a particular response continues to fascinate me to this day. It’s been my lifelong pursuit to study what I call, “the art and science of Influence” (in all its fair and foul forms!).

I am currently the Asia-Pacific Director of Communications at Stripe. As part of the regional leadership team, I am building and leading the Stripe communications function to shape the company’s narrative and reputation across Asia Pacific. My responsibilities include corporate, product, B2B, internal and policy communications across multiple countries and market maturity.

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Last Week Tonight: Sponsored Content

It’s been wryly observed that people are tuning in more to comedy shows for news. Well, John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight is a great example and this segment on “Sponsored Content” is especially pertinent for us communications and media professionals (Video NSFW – language). Let’s call Sponsored Content what it truly is: monetizing one’s integrity … Continue reading Last Week Tonight: Sponsored Content

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I’ve been fortunate to have worked with amazing people. Some of them have very kind things to say about me.


I have had the pleasure of working with Leigh when he led Comms for Malaysia.

In an environment of urgent decision-making, Leigh was a voice for calm. This really helped in times of press and regulatory scrutiny.

Another quality which helped the Malaysian team was Leigh’s good relationship with members of the industry. This resourceful nature gave the team confidence that in all things comms, Leigh would always have our back.

Nick Liew – Head of Strategy & Planning, Uber Malaysia

I always enjoy working closely with excellent communications professionals like Leigh. At Netflix, we learned from each other as we worked to ensure the brand was well-perceived and understood by members as well as key stakeholders like journalists, policymakers, opinion leaders and more. Leigh is a hard worker, inspiring, and fun to work with. We would try to challenge the status quo and attempt new approaches to address the opportunities and threats in our fast-moving, ever-changing industry. I have faith in his capabilities and truly believe he will be an outstanding leader anywhere. I hope to be fortunate enough to work with him again in the near future.

Takashi Michael Matsuo – Director, Communications at Netflix

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