Leigh is a quick learner and highly motivated to learn. He isn’t content to just stay within his comfort zone but always seeks to relate his efforts to the broader, strategic objectives. He strongly believes that, to be successful in his role, he must have deeper understanding of other areas of the business, instead of just focusing on communications alone. You will find his energy contagious!

Wong Hong Zhou – Country Controller / Finance Director, Shell Malaysia

I met Leigh when he was tasked to lead the Branding & Communications team of EON Bank-Hong Leong Bank merger taskforce. During the integration period, Leigh ably led his team to successfully manage and deliver key integration milestones that required intensive communication activities (involving advertising, media relations, below-the-line branch & customer communications, as well as internal/staff communications) in less than 100 days, culminating in a very successful “Customer Day One” milestone event. Looking back at his track record, I couldn’t be happier to recommend him and wish him well for all his future plans!

Chuah Sze Phing – Director, Group Marketing and Communications at K &N Kenanga Holdings Berhad