In PR, clients come and go but only a few will stay in your mind as clients who make a difference and Leigh is one of them. Leigh understands various aspects of marketing and communications, and respects what each partner brings to the table. He is methodical in planning and visionary in strategising, but more importantly, Leigh is able to articulate the objectives he hopes to achieve, which makes it easier for us, as PR consultants, to translate them into results. Leigh challenges his partners constantly but he will always stand by them, which to me, means more than the $$ from the client.

Janitha Sukumaran – Founder & Consulting Director at Rantau PR

Leigh is a strategic communicator and has been able to identify and crystalise challenges while helping to solve or communicate issues in an uncomplicated manner. I would highly recommend Leigh as a great comms partner especially in the tech and business sectors where he possess both the know-how as well as the passion to discover and learn new skillsets very quickly. Highly adaptable and collaborative business partner!

Lena Goh – Chief Marketing & Communications Officer at Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore