Hello – my name is Leigh. For over 18 years, I have built a track record for impact-driven strategic marketing communications leadership. I am passionate about “Building Influential Brands To Influence The World”.

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About Me

Hi, my name is Wong Giok Leigh (王学礼) and I have built a track record of over 18 years as an award-winning marketing and communications leader. I am passionate about “Building Influential Brands To Influence The World“.

This passion began early in college when I discovered the classical study of rhetoric. Since then, the study of how effective communications (whether a word, picture, idea or action) could persuade an audience (whether individuals, groups or even nations) towards a particular response continues to fascinate me to this day. This has developed into a lifelong pursuit to study what I call, “the art and science of Influence” (in all its fair and foul forms!).

I am currently the Head of Communications for Southeast Asia at Netflix. I am part of a team that helps formulate, execute and sustain a global communications strategy for Netflix in the Asia region.

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I’ve been fortunate to have worked with amazing people. Some of them have very kind things to say about me.


Working closely with Leigh has been one of the highlights of my career with Uber. Amidst continuous reputational and leadership challenges in 2017, we stood strong together to ensure the right kind of messaging is delivered to policymakers, regulators and the general public. Leigh is a communications expert who is continuously optimistic, extremely efficient with his time and always offering new ideas to solve various problems. Leigh would be a fantastic addition to any team, any time.

Shahrul Azhar Shaari – Head of Government Relations & Public Policy, Malaysia at Uber

Leigh is a hardworking, strategic communications lead in a region that is extraordinarily broad and complex. I’ve found him to be an effective communicator with press, government, and advocacy groups alike. And he’s got a great sense of humor to boot!

Jena Wu – Public Policy, Global Safety and Consumer Protection, Uber

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