Leigh is a very pro-active, hands-on, and never-say-die sort of person. It is these core characteristics that make him the passionate go-getter who is always on-the-look out for the best and most effective ways to get things done.

An outgoing personality, mixed with an inherent need to be inquisitive, he is always thinking out of the box, has a natural drive to stay candid/fresh, and loves to get his hands dirty. All that, if it means getting the results he wants. That makes him a great team player that will not shy away from any given tasks or from even taking lead if there is a need for it.

When dealing with the media, Leigh is the sort of PR person you’d go to for the in-depth details and then some as he tries his best to muster up all the information he can about the requested topic/issue. He even goes out of his way to get any additional materials or writing support that he believes the media would need. Innovative and determined, he has certainly made his mark in both the banking sector and, with his move to Microsoft Malaysia, the ICT industry.

Versatility and agility is key for any PR person, both of which Leigh has in spades. This makes him a key asset and critical communications point-man for any organisation that manages to sign him up for the long haul.

Victor Yap – Deputy Editor, PC.com at Reach Publishing

Leigh is a strong corporate communications professional with high quality strategic writing and business planning experience. He works side by side with senior executives to people at all levels of the organisation and he is well liked by the team! I very much enjoy working with Leigh and value his opinion.

Christina Garcia –┬áHead of Internal Communications Asia-Pacific, Uber