The Anatomy Of A Brilliant Idea Going Viral

Currently trending on Mashable is an interview article on How Coca-Cola Created Its “Happiness Machine” where Global Senior Brand Manager for Coca-Cola, AJ Brustein, Definition 6 Director of Interactive Strategy, Paul McClay and Definition 6 Creative Director Paul Iannacchino talk through the making of Coke’s “Happiness Machine.”

It offers great insights into the anatomy of how a brilliant idea can go viral. I especially enjoyed the various practical tips interspersed throughout the article:

3 Tips for coming up with a Brilliant Idea

  1. A good story takes time to develop. Take the time to brainstorm your idea and let it develop into something people will relate to and want to share.
  2. Look at videos online to see what’s successful and what isn’t. Most often the most successful web videos have something that provokes a reaction.
  3. The brainstorming process has to be fun, light hearted and uncontrolled. You never really know when a good idea is going to come up. Often the best ideas end up being the small snippets that came up throughout the process, McClay said.

3 Tips for Executing your Idea

  1. Simplicity and starting with a great idea is the key. You have to get it out of your head that if you make it they will watch it.
  2. Brainstorm. Once your team feels strongly about an idea, challenge one another to make it better. You can always improve the idea up until the day you shoot.
  3. Where you have a wide dispersed team it’s important for everyone to be looped in, briefed and approving things through the entire process so there is always forward momentum with positive energy.

2 Tips for Putting it All Together

  1. Technology and digital space, as well as equipment, are cheap and accessible. Use this to your advantage.
  2. Be invested in your idea. Plan and prepare to execute your video well.

2 Tips for Getting a Video to Go Viral

  1. Spreadable video is important; put the same effort into your creative ideation as you would a television commercial and you will produce some amazing content. Don’t think small because the aspect ratio is. Push creative boundaries.
  2. If your strategy is to go viral from the outset, then it’s likely to fail.

Full article here from Mashable here.

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